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is a human resource contract service and support organisation. Our ultimate goal is to provide comprehensive HR Management Services which is value-driven with quality and integrity at reasonable cost. Services that will effectively address our client’s needs while saving time, effort and unnecessary expense.

Between the Labour and Industrial Relations,  Training the Seta’s the various tenders, the EE & BBBEE, the workplace skills plans etc.

It is here I realised the entangled weave the different spheres within the Human Capital  Management finds itself and has to be well supported and well balanced in order for strategic growth of any organisation to take place . With this in mind I concluded that a sustainable business cannot be driven by money alone but by passion and vision together with sound business practices,  therefore I offer the expert service  with which to achieve this.

I studied Business Administration which included Human Resource Management, after spending a short time with the Southern Sun Group where    further in house studies were completed.

The Clairol Group was where I anchored myself for 13 years also completing training in Customer Liaison Proficiency and obtained a certificate from Clairol and the Services Seta.

Given the opportunity to recruit for a large staffing solutions organisation and for 7 years thereafter I recruited on site at Old Mutual then later managed the branch at the Sanlam Head Office where among others my training included courses like Basic   Behavioural Skills, Performance Management, Marketing & Sales together with IR related courses and finally an opportunity presented itself to work for a multi national labour consulting & training   organisation where our clients included Blue Chip companies, municipalities and departments of local governments.

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